Thursday, December 6, 2012


Original information from Super Street Bike and North Star New. Pictures from Google Images.
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Everyone knows birds were made to fly, right? And dolphins were made to swim??? Of course! So after you read about the modern day legend DYSTANY SUPRLOCK, you'll agree as well she was born to SPEED... and change the world on the way to the finish line. Like many other greats such as RICKEY GADSON and JAMES "BUBBA" STEWART motorcycle riding is in their blood. It's that beautiful trait that positively reinforces the passion for everything that encompasses the motorcycle culture.  Dystany's mother, a veteran motorcycle rider, can attest to the early days of her loving motorcycles when Dystany the a.ka.Nydian Princess was just six and wouldn't let her leave unless she was riding on the back. Growing up in the motorcycle culture nourished her desire to not only get on the steel dragon for that rush, but to race it like a pro. When she was seventeen she decided she wanted to be a quarter mile racer after four years of learning the sport from the stands with a family friend. Once again the nourishing culture that came from her loving mother made that happen... Her mom bought her a 2006 Suzuki GSX-R750, her first bike, and past on her old riding leather outfit that was a little short on her.  But when you're passionate about something, what you're wearing doesn't matter. After the first race she was hooked becoming not only a quick learner but a winner too. After racing for a while she caught the attention of everyone. One of those people happened to be BROCK DAVIDSON (of the famous BROCK'S PERFORMANCE company)who had let her use a spare BMW S1000RR of his and as always it was love at first ride. Dystany described the launch like being on a rocket.  Blasting off on the BMW bike that day made her a believer in the manufacturer in addition to, beating out two seasoned pros that first day on the S1000RR.

When you see Dystany you are automatically thrown off guard because of her stunning overwhelming beauty, but then you realize there is so much more to her on the inside that is just as mesmerizing.  But as mention her beauty can be seen gracing many photos... Yes this superwoman is a model too.  Supermodel some would state.  She is the true definition of an athlete that can do everything she gets into. She is great at playing football, volleyball, snowboarding, boxing, and cheer leading. She considers herself a "tomboy girly, girl" but she is all woman and such an inspiration to motivate everyone to do what their heart beats for. Like many people that succeed at what they do, she is not selfish in keeping the knowledge along with experience to herself.  She gives back to make sure kids stay on the road to success as a mentor to the youth.  Recently Dystany has taken her passion for speed a step further into stock car racing. In the stock car world she has been endorsed by AFRICA CHANNEL and RANDY FENLEY in racing on the track during the NASCAR National Series.  This brilliant effort has come into play to help inspire youth from Africa to America in the popular world of motorsports where they may not be exposed to such a nuance. One thing is for sure, today this twenty year old woman has surpassed many older than her in following their dreams by setting records, traveling to many places to do it, taking on the Salt Flats at Bonneville and she is just getting started! Seeing her in action you'll agree she is a true renaissance woman worthy of pushing all the Barbie dolls of the shelf and stocking them with Dystany Dolls... Hmmm!  All eyes are watching her to see what she will do next... If they can catch this fast phenom. All you can say when she starts that engine is.... GOOOOO DYSTANY GOOOOOOOOO!!!

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