Sunday, July 5, 2009

Legendary Rider: JASON BRITTON

Original information from Jason Britton's site, 2 Wheel Tuner Magazine and "SUPERBIKES!" the series. Words by BLOG HOLDER. Pics from Jason Britton's Myspace site.

How do you ascend to the status of a "legend?" How do you become a household name? Simply, how do you affect the world by changing it's views and more so, what does it take to do it? One thing's for sure Jason Britton has the answer in doing it with a lot of hard work, dedication, natural talent and sacrifice in a very short amount of time compared to most. What sets him apart in achieving such precedence from other stars is that, he willingly shares the light with others making them shine as well. Doing this has earned him the love and respect of many people worldwide! You can call him a great stunt rider, a brilliant host, cool dad, great editor or even an ambassador of good will representing the motorcycle culture at its finest... I just call him SUPERMAN!!!

Well like most heroes, discovering their talent and special ability starts at an early age. Jason was just two years old when he got on a motorcycle and WAS RIDING WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS, which is amazing to consider when other two year old are not that coordinated. This was the start of Jason being the anomaly people have grown to love today. While developing his love for two wheels, growing up in Huntington Beach California, Jason started at the very beginning of biking through BMX racing at the age of ten. Two years later he was racing motocross and showing hints of what's to come when he started doing wheelies on dirt bikes. At age thirteen he became not just good... but great at motocross and rose to expert status. Triumphant win after win, not to mention evolving in technique and skill this soon to be legend at sixteen had to take his place where this legend would be born... ON THE SPORT BIKE!
Jason started out riding with friends and was introduced to stunt riding watching AC Farias a stunt rider from Brazil during the early 90's and had to do what he was born to do like his hero Captain America... affect the world! One of his friends did not know that this stunter was practicing and getting better and better to soon be come one of the best until they were doing endos (riding on the front tire) and while others were going fair distances and stopping... Jason kept going and going until there was no where to go. Of course jaws dropped and this is what began his ascension in the stunting world. Soon after getting better at stunt riding, with a reputation that preceded him, he was approached to do a video. Once the video was done something happened. Directors where astonished to notice their on board camera was not looking just at the street but at the sky. Jason thought he messed up the video by doing wheelies but he actually made it even better. Realizing he could get his talents out there for everyone to see and marvel at, Jason began doing his own videos. Enter the beginning of TEAM NO LIMIT. Once the filming started, Jason was getting bigger and bigger in status and name. DVD's were selling and his name was getting out there for everyone to hear and see... and I mean EVERYONE the "ENTERTAINMENT EVERYONE."

Soon Team No Limit started doing shows, mastering stunt riding to an art form and getting notoriety too. At the beginning of the sport bike culture explosion on the silver screen, Hollywood needed someone to literally ride that wave of stardom. Jason was the man with a few others that could do what was needed. Jason did both premiere motorcycle movies about the sport bike phenomenon , Torque and Biker Boyz. Later he added Waist Deep and currently Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 where he did a great job as a motor cop. During the climb to making history, Jason, like many heroes have a symbol, vehicle or weapon that shows promise of beating any adversary. Jason possessed all three in one, his motorcycle. When asked what Jason wanted on his bike he had only one quick response... CAPTAIN AMERICA! Now Jason's NO LIMIT red and black Suzuki GXR-750 with the Captain America shield painted on the side made waves and turned heads. With all the attention Jason and his steel dragon were getting while making their mark, SPEED TV needed a personality to make their pilot show "SUPERBIKES!" This show had to appeal to mainstream America while keeping its integrity with the motorcycle culture. Well I have to coin the famous phrase... This looks like a job for JASON BRITTON. After just a couple of shows hitting the airwaves, not only did it well with bringing sport bike viewers to the TV it was a smash hit bringing Harley Davidson bikers which is a hard crowd and nervous mothers from the mid-west to Canada. Once Superbikes! took off it didn't stop or land in ratings at all. Soon the world got a dose of America's favorite stunt rider who soon became the WORLD'S FAVORITE STUNT RIDER.

With many television shows showing the same old thing soon the motorcycle culture with other bored viewers finally found a reason to watch TV. Not only that magazines were starting to feel the impact of less and less readers and more interest in the Internet. Once again Jason changes the world... Brought on by Sarah Timleck, publisher of 2 Wheel Tuner magazine, Jason's trials, tribulations and triumphs have become a sought after column month after month as he is the Celebrity Editor with the magazine. So season after great season of Superbikes!, doing show after stunt show, giving his all to the people, his family and suffering from wear and tear from fighting the streets literally... it was time for Jason to care about Jason. In the later part of 2008 he went to have surgery to his spine and neck done to correct ongoing problems that affected his taste, smell and sense of touch to the left side of his body not to mention the pain he endured from accidents. After surgery Jason was meet with just one challenge, coming back to us out anesthesia. Once again Jason prevailed once again faster, better and stronger. Jason Britton's life is a testament of hard work where he has changed many views people have of stunt riders, bikers and even a race itself. He has transcended color, proving that it is the character and content not the race that defines a person. Jason is my personal hero for making history, making me proud, making a difference and best of all making me a better person. Everyone it's my pleasure to present THEE Jason Britton!


brittonmaxine said...

IimmJason was born to be just what he is a wonderful and great rider, the best, He worked hard to accomplish everything he did. He PERFECTED His stunts. They were not easy. There were times when he broke his shoulder and was in so much pain he would lay on the ground and fore or five friends would each literally pull on each side like a tug of war to get his shoulder in place so they could go practice. There were time that I cried for him, he was determined that nothing would stop him that was his passion, dream, His whole life he persued his dream. with MOM and DAD, Mom told his to soar like an EAGLE. And always remember. GOD is his HEAVENLY FATHER. And I keep hie is PRAYER At all times.

motoroz said...

He is amazing. I love his show and hope to see him perform in person sometime.