Monday, January 26, 2009


Original photo from and words from BLOG HOLDER

This picture was taken back in 1956 of a cool couple out on the town on a Harley Davidson motorcycle decked out in cool biker jackets wowing the crowd behind them. Captured here also shows the influence of the motorcycle culture that has grown in the African-American community for so long. With many photos coming out, it is apparent that black bikers have always been there proving that motorcycles are not a race driven thing but a enthusiast's machine. Please enjoy the photo... I could stare at this for awhile. Special thanks to the photographer for capturing this moment.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Original information from THE SUN, JANIE'S SITE and Wikipedia.

When you think of a world class motorcycle enthusiast, racer and expert what do you think of??? I'll wait... Well most of you might think a typical caucasian male. Well get that thought the hell out of your head so you can replace it with a two-wheel loving diva who is a true motorcycle aficionado or aficionada. She is JANIE OMOROGBE the beautiful queen of bikes that has set Europe on fire with her endless knowledge and riding skill on a bike. Before doing what she loves best... RIDING and RIDING SOME MORE, the UK native did many incredible things before grabing her helmet and leather riding suit for a living. She was an ambulance driver/advanced first aid technician, successful model, winner of beauty contests, but more notable as RIO on the hit British version of GLADIATOR. Speaking of the warriors of old that did battle in Greek coliseums, she played one in the hit movie of 2000 "GLADIATOR" as the bow and arrow wielding warrior on a chariot that was later cut in half by that same chariot. After great success on many levels she choose a new endeavor, showing the world that not only women can ride a motorcycle but could ride extremely well. Janie is a born rider, being an avid track racer as well as a long distant rough terrain rider. She also showcased her natural talent as an on-air personality on show after successful show hosting UK television's "Car Crazy Rio", "Top Bikes", "Two Wheels", "Revved Up", "Teen Trials", "Pit Stop Bikes", "Pulling Power", "Top Gear" and "Frans Angels". Now if that was not enough she proved to be a great jounalist on the widely syndicated UK news papers THE SUN and THE TIMES with her own column on every motorcycle.

I can't convey it any clearer that Janie's resume of bikes has to make her the foremost expert on motorcycles, BAR NONE. THERE IS NO ONE IN HISTORY THAT HAS RIDEN AS MANY MOTORCYCLES THAN HER. Janie loves her job very much, as everyone that comes in contact with her can tell. She is truly and inspiration for everyone to aspire to be in the motorcycle world and then some. Success for her just comes with ease and she is a true testament to hard work paying off. The one thing that can never be over looked is her statuesque physique that stands a perfect 6' 2". Even though her dimensions make every man drool, it is her high expectations, never ending drive and bright intelect that have made her a true achiever of greatness. I am proud not only that she is black but that she is a woman that stands proud showing that it is not the gender or color that makes a great rider, but the tenacity and love of motorcycles that makes you a better rider. I hope to become as good as she is. Riders twist the throttle for a legendary rider phenom... JANIE OMOROGBE!!!!

It should also be known that Janie is a great giver as well as organizer of charities know as The Variety Club’s Children’s Charity and Sparks

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back In The Day: 1920's RIDER

Original Picture from, words from BLOG HOLDER

This Picture was taken Circa 1920's and this young man is on a Indian Motorcycle which by today's standards is a classic you can't find too many of. I can imagine the looks he received while riding that beautiful machine and smoking a stogie with pride... which is a sign of a good rider. We know that many jealous onlookers would have made a useless scene about how they felt with him on his motorcycle and would have cried like a bunch of idiotic brats about not having anything. That's just how certain people were back in those days. Well some are still like that. It's wonderful to see how far back our history on motorcycles goes to the point it is now. Unfortunately no information was given on this shot but I would have loved to read his story.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bike of The Day: KING KAWASAKI

Original footage from YOUTUBE, pics from TOCC.

This is a phenomenal bike like no other... In the world of custom sport bikes this is the crown jewel of customs. Steve Kehler of TRICKED OUT CUSTOM CYCLES made a winner... literally when he created "KING KAWASAKI" that has... wait let the master of custom sport bikes tell you what's going on with this masterpiece.

Hold on... hold on... I can't get enough of it!!! MR. KEHLER CAN YOU DO IT ONE MORE TIME???


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Onyx Innovator: STEVE KEHLER

Original information from 2 WHEEL TUNER magazine and SUPER STREET BIKE MAGAZINE website. Words by blog-holder.

Many people make great works of art but very few make history. When you look at the artistry Steve Kehler has done and the many honors he has received not only from his many admirers but from his COMPETITION, then you must be... UNDENIABLY-MARVELOUS!!! For Steve Kehler, fabricating motorcycles into hot machines is a testament of dedication of many years to something he loves and sport bikes have been that passion since the early 90's. After his custom creations hit the public, like other originators of sport bike customizing, his builds were an overnight success that catapulted his career to the forefront of bike building causing other motorcycle customizers to change to sport bikes because of the demand. So yes, him and a few others had changed the game. He is without a doubt one of the first pioneers of the every growing custom sport bike craze that doesn't show any signs of slowing down... So don't even ask about it stopping you would get a chance to.

Steve started out his sport bike empire step by successful step in salvage yards and auctions looking for bikes that had potential or parts that could be put together to make a bike not only for go but for serious show. After he started getting to big for his own personal garage he rented a friends garage out and then formed a corporation in 2000 when he made TRICKED OUT CUSTOM CYCLES official. It's been over 20 years that he has been making bikes for everyday clients, motorcycle legends and celebrities. TRICKED OUT CUSTOMS CYCLES is also a full functioning motorcycle shop that takes care of patrons needs and issues. Now beside being a super fabricator, he is also a great husband and dad of three. After he gets the kids off to school he gets even more busy answering calls and e-mails. When the logistics are complete HE TRICKS OUT!!! Steve makes it a point to get in the shop to work on something amongst his other 8 employees.

TRICKED OUT CUSTOM CYCLES is at the pinnacle of the sport bike world and has showed inspired future builders that are just kids right now but will hope to be just as creative and successful as the dominant figure that is TRICKED OUT CUSTOM CYCLES... STEVE KEHLER. Everyone please check out his website and look at his custom work on the media tab... You too will get inspired.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ride To Imagine-Nation: RAVEN (JET MOTO 3)

Original pictures from Youtube, Bio from various sites

The year was 1999 and I was SONY PLAYSTATION with 989 STUDIOS gave me something beautiful, JET MOTO 3. This game was the best thing I ever played at the time it was fast, crazy and demanded you concentrate on every move you made to get from start to finish. I would sit in front of the TV for hours learning the game and playing the game till I perfected it, but the thing that made it the best was a character that was too cool for words, RAVEN. This character was the coolest thing to have race for you. In fact when I looked online I found out that many gamers, regardless of color, loved RAVEN and thought of him as their favorite.

Now the bio of RAVEN is set in the future where HOVER-BIKES are the biggest attraction and the biggest sport is JET MOTO. The sport has been going on for awhile and now a young man known as RAVEN got his chance to play and dominate the sport. When he was young he wanted to always fly the hyper-jets for the armed forces but knew that more excitement could be had on a hover-bike. After long practicing and riding he honed his skill down to razor sharp perfection and daring moves such that he qualified to be one twelve that were good enough out of hundreds to ride the JET MOTO circuit. The circuit is so hard many have tried on died. Raven with a crew of two, a female mechanic and race advisor, took to the 14 tracks and dominated against hard and tricky competition with some that are known to cheat. After beating all of the tracks where he only needed to beat a few to collect a certain amount of points he became the JET MOTO CHAMPION conquering the semi-pro circuit and professional circuit... without losing one race. He even went against two legends Captain Ballad and a old woman named Granny to prove he was the best. And he even proved that he was good on a hover-bike by riding and beating the times required to complete the 3 stunt parks which was very hard.

Everyone please enjoy my favorite JET MOTO character... RAVEN!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bike of The Day: KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-14(Tricked Out Custom Cycles)

Original pictures from TOCC (TRICKED OUT CUSTOM CYCLES)

Have you ever heard the saying "He's done it before and he can do it again..." Well have you ever kept adding and again and again and again and again and again and again? Well when it comes to the brilliance of Steve Kehler it's a common occurrence every time he rolls a custom bike off the motorcycle table lift just to have his clients pass out or stare in silence at more than what they imagined and paid for. This custom was made for LEGENDARY RIDER, RICKEY GADSON, a custom KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-14. You know Rickey was happy and everyone couldn't get enough it was such a hit the beautiful bike was featured in 2 WHEEL TUNER.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ride to Imagine-Nation: RIDE TO HELL

Original information from RIDE TO HELL site, words by BLOG HOLDER

Well fellow riders and enthusiasts, this post is gonna be also for the gamers that like to stay up late till 2am or 3am trying to get that last mission on the video game complete to just get three or four hours of sleep before it's time to go to work... But some of you might be bold and just call out the next day just to stay home and play a video game. I know it sounds crazy but believe me there are many people out there that do that. namely me but I won't admit to it. ANYWAY, back to the post. DEEP SILVER which used to be ROCKSTAR VIENNA is putting out a console video game coming out this year of 2009 called RIDE TO HELL and it promises to be like it was in the 60's with the motorcycle culture when it first started. One thing that I'm impressed with is that the video could have showed any typical stereotypical 60's biker (white biker) and I would have said... "Hmmm, nice game." and that would be it. BUT THEY CHOOSE TO SHOWCASE A COOL BRUTHA ON CHOPPER IN THE DESERT WITH A BANGIN' AFRO'. Then I said, "YES, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT." All in all the game took the leap to show that bikers were bikers regardless of color back then like it's supposed to and in fact the lead biker on the trailer is a cool black man with two fellow white guys riding with him. Now before you start thinking it's about the brutha man, it's not... It follows a guy that has come back from the Vietnam war and has trouble getting back in society, but finds solace with others in a motorcycle gang called the DEVIL'S HAND M.C. This game promises NOT and repeat NOT for children or the faint of heart. It promises to have hard drinking and bare knuckle action like a real game is supposed to. So just imagine an EAST BAY DRAGON rider out for adventure. It will follow in the footsteps of it's predecessor of the GTA series which was created by the former entity ROCKSTAR. But if you look at the pictures and visit the RIDE TO HELL site you will see that the graphics are very High-quality and detailed. Well I'll give you more when I get it as for now this is just teaser information on a character with no name.... enjoy! Look at the YOUTUBE TESER TRAILER BELOW!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ride To Imagine-Nation: AZANA

Original picture found through

This picture that I found years ago is of a futuristic hero named AZANA. I didn't get too much information but a picture like this was too hard to pass up saving to my files so long ago. But whoever the artist is they sure know how to draw a beautiful woman and nice futuristic bike. If that's what I have to look for in the near future I gotta get me one of those... I'm talking about the bike... Enjoy!