Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Original picture is from THE CANDY SHOP "My Space site" Words by Blog Holder

When it comes to making a HARLEY DAVIDSON chopper or bagger look good you take it to somebody that does good work... But if you want people to follow you just to get a glimpse of what jaw dropping piece of work you have between you legs, people taking pictures of your bike whether you're there or not or police stopping you just to get a look at your bike and then let you go even though you broke the speed limit then you take it to BIG PUNCHIE, the artisan genius, behind the delectable delicious candy paint job at THE CANDY SHOP. This chopper is so fine that you just have to look at it not twice... but ten times just to pick up something you didn't see the other times you drooled over it. I can't wait to get more information on the Candy Shop and Big Punchie. I know that they have been featured on "AMERICAN THUNDER" which is a motorcycle enthusiast television show on SPEED network and their segments were beautiful about the Candy Shop. So, it gives me great pleasure in presenting the Candy Shop Chopper as Bike Of The Day.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ride To Imagine-Nation: BISHOP

Words by Blog Holder

The character BISHOP is the best of the new age of Marvel heroes that was introduced in the early 90's. Bishop's introduction was so pivotal that it changed the whole direction of the X-MEN series and the rest of the Marvel world. For those that are not familiar with Bishop, Bishop is a mutant from the future that knows the the outcome of the X-MEN'S fate which is the death of all the X-MEN by an unknown traitor. As he brings his knowledge and superior special forces training as an ultimate one man army he fights along side with the X-Men not only to help them become better fighters but to be the key to saving humanity from a malevolent evil robot known as Onslaught. Before that even occurred Bishop has had many exciting adventures an he has shown not only his fighting skills but his motorcycle riding skills that have made many drop their jaws when they should be ducking down from plasma rays and gun fire. Onyx Rider viewers it is my pleasure, honor and duty to present my favorite superhero of all time... BISHOP!!!

Bike of The Day: Trick Out Custom's Lion's Cycle

Source: TRICKED OUT CUSTOM CYCLES Words by Blog Holder

Many people are talented but Steve Kehler is just a crazy gifted-talented genius and believe me he is the truth when it comes to customizing or modifing motorcycles into attention grabbing, jawdropping works of moving art. His builds are legendary and they keep coming without any slight bit of slowing down or dullness at all. Please check out his DETROIT LION CUSTOM BIKE.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Original information from footage and article from Moto GP & Riders for Health, Words by BLOG HOLDER

For so long many nurses had to walk over nine miles (15km) a day just to get medicine, condoms or medical information all over central Africa where villages are unfortunate to have paved roads or transportation. Then in a meant well effort UNICEF gave a medical operation run downed motorcycles to help and even save people. An effort that was not good enough. Soon Princess Ann of England received a generous donation from Ralph Mamola, a famous Moto GP racer of America, for aiding children with medical needs in Africa. When she received this knowing about motorcycles being an important tool on harsh African terrain, it didn't take her long to get the motorcycle expert involved to help out and that's he did in a huge way. With Andrea and Barry Coleman (co-founders of the organization) RIDERS FOR HEALTH organization made up of motorcycle riders and medical aid to take supplies from Nigeria to Zimbabwe. Riders for health has employed over 100's of black African men and women to train under a rigorous rider course and be trained in medical applications and knowledge. With the help of IAVM(International Academy of Vehicle Maintenance) they have helped RFH to maintain reliable zero break down transportation systems, RFH also have programs to educate the locals on simple medical knowledge and fix their vehicles.

Randy Mamola, Moto GP & Riders for Health Organizer
With the success of Riders For Health many countries in Africa ,starting with Gambia in 2002, have in trusted the organization's with all their medical transporting duties and help. Because of their impressive dependable record they are famous for providing service that never breaks down because of the expert training and maintenance provided to these riders. This caused many motorcycle manufacturers to help out as well like DUCATI (donating $40,000 EVERY YEAR) and Honda (giving RHF motorcycles and spare parts). The efforts has done very well in helping prevent the spread of AIDS, MALARIA and other common diseases and sickness. RFH has become so good at getting everywhere that they are the only means trusted to get medicine across the continent where 4 wheels aren't reliable or become too cumbersome. RHF riders have become quite ingenious in outfitting specific motorcycles with a side car that can carry patients around or pump water via a carriage attached to the back of the bike that's fitted with a hose too. It's called the multi-purpose Uhuru (Swahili for Freedom) Motorcycle which has saved many lives and produced lots of water for those that haven't the means. Riders For Health have done many great things and I wish them all the best. Visit their website to check out what's going on. I know I'm going to get a shirt and hat and donate, but that's me. But this is something you need to know. Thanks for checking out this special "YOU NEED TO KNOW" it was a pleasure and purpose in doing it just like the blog. RIDE ON!!!

Please look at the story of RIDERS FOR HEALTH


Original Source AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame & Harley Davidson History Words by BLOG HOLDER

This born legend is someone everyone needs to know, in fact there is talk about making her life into a much deserved movie. After you read this you will agree with that BESSIE STRINGFIELD is truly an inspiration for everyone regardless of gender.

Bessie was born in Jamaica in 1911 and came to America and became an orphan at age 5, but this was a card that was dealt to Bessie made her strong willed. Fortunately she was taken in by an Irish woman that gave Bessie a centered spirit in God and determination to strive for what she wanted as long as she asked God for it. At the age of 16 this born rider that had never ridden a bike asked the Irish woman to give her a motorcycle which was a 1928 Indian which she didn't know how to operate but miraculously learned by herself that day. Now that is amazing but her Irish caretaker said that it was God that blessed her to be a motorcyclist... and a purpose.

At the age of 19, Bessie was a great seasoned rider and that's when she began to become a legend. She would toss a penny in the air and when it landed on the map she knew where she was going to go and this was at the height racism at it's most ignorant and ugliest. This cruel stupidity would not stop her from going where she wanted and when she wanted. She would go from state to state staying with black families. Back then blacks in America were tight and trusting. She even stated that she would stay with families and get a place to sleep and eat for free because of the love black families had amongst each other. If she couldn't find a loving black family this didn't stop her, so she would simply pull into a service station and roll up her jacket and use it as a makeshift pillow and rest her body on the bike. From the 1930's through the 40's she had completed 8... EIGHT SOLO TRIPS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES and once again this during the height of racist stupidity. She soon became a inspiration for other female riders regardless of color and an instrument of determination for African-Americans... and like a legend she stated she was just living her life.
During her riding in the early part of life she had married and divorced six men. She was a very strong independent woman and stayed that way. Soon World War II came and she volunteered to become a motorcycle dispatcher on her Harley Davidson 61 which carried secret-viable government documents from base to base. During one of her travels an idiotic bigot ran her off the rode but all she did was dust off and keep riding as the only woman rider in her unit.

In the 1950's Bessie went to Miami live her life and continue doing what she did best... something legendary. Bessie became a registered nurse and bought her own house too, but after work that's when she lived her real life as the organizer and founder of the Iron Horse Motorcycle Club... but disguised as as a man. She revealed her identity after she won a big motorcycle race in Miami beating every man. Once she showed everyone she was a woman she was denied the prize money by sexist idiots that couldn't conceive a woman beating inferior men that were not as good as she was. Once she showed everyone that she was the real thing, everyone gave her the respect she deserved and not only that she attracted press from all over that called her the "Negro Motorcycle Queen" and later the undisputed "Motorcycle Queen of Miami." She later became a stunt rider as well... imagine the first Jason Britton or Wink 1100 was a woman.
When all was said an done Bessie has owned 27 Harley, completed over 8 tours across America, became an accomplished stunt rider, racer, Army Motorcycle dispatcher, prominent figure in motorcycling, great image for women and African-Americans to prove ignorance and most of all a LEGEND. In 1993 this legend passed away from complications from having a big heart which she and everyone stated was ironic. She did have a big beautiful heart that never stopped her from doing what she loved to do which was riding even when the doctor told she shouldn't ride. She told him if I don't ride I don't live so I can't stop... I am honored to have written about this legend and will make sure to let everyone know about this great rider. Everyone twist the throttle for legend BESSIE STRINGFIELD.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Picture found at New Cafe Racer Society, Words by BLOG HOLDER

For many people and generations this picture illustrates the beginning of the African-American motorcycle culture, started through the military during world war II. These pilots are the famous Tuskegee Airmen which braved racisim from both sides of the combatants and still won the respect of their German enemies and fellow Americans. Even with the new efficent P-51 Mustangs (the airplanes of the Tuskegee Airmen) that were very appealing, nothing came close to that thrill of two wheels that most soldiers couldn't resist. After the war many pilots wanted to continue to fly... but were denied because of the idiotic segregated laws. Many turned back to the thrill of the motorcycle and the most others just had to get back and get on bikes and start a new legacy that is stronger than ever today.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bike Of The Day: APRILIA RSV4

Source: Aprilia website, words by BLOG HOLDER

Aprilia is one of those brands of bikes that are very hard to find unless you're luck to live close to a dealership or even better you own one. But America is a Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda & Harley haven and for that reason is why many of the other great bikes are hard to find. But APRILIA RSV4... may be one worth chasing even though I'm a Gixxer man myself. But see for youself with the pictures I have and tell me what you think. Then visit the site to get the specs and other pics on it as well. The release date is unknown but you can sign up to get notified when it does drop on the showroom floor... wherever that is.


Sunday, December 14, 2008


Resources: Black Enterprise Magazine (Nov. 08 issue) Super Streebike & Akuma Helmets Words by BLOG HOLDER

5:30am every morning Kerry Harris gets up to perform his cool loving duty as dad and husband, helping his wife get the kids ready for school. Once the kids and wife are gone... Kerry goes into AKUMA MODE. This innovative genius has created cooling systems for Akuma Helmets, LED lights inside the helmet to help drivers really notice riders to help prevent any unnecessary accidents (not to mention look cool) and recently installed BLUETOOTH/MP3 functions... BUILT INTO THE HELMET. Imagine listening to music and you get a call... and being able to answer the phone and then listen to your MP3 player again where the music stopped. EVERYBODY, GET ONE... No seriously GET ONE.
Once Kerry answers e-mails from oversea suppliers, checks the Akuma website and Akuma myspace it's time to head out to the office which he gets to at 9am. That's a lot of work that's already done and he didn't even leave the house. But at one time at 9am in 2002 this once great U.S. Navy Pilot was stationed in where he started motorcycling to get around heavily congested traffic... in Japan. The cool thing was riding in the beautiful country, the bad thing was having to deal with the heat in his helmet fogging up his visor. It was that problem that gave this brilliant rider the idea to manufacture a coolant system that could be activated with the touch of button rather then lifting your visor up and down all the time. Once this was done and everyone heard of it word of mouth, people could not stop coming to get their helmets fitted with the system. So it didn't take Kerry long at all to put his intellect and hard work together to start making the coolant system and eventually sell his patent to helmet companies... thank goodness they turned him down. Then came the rise of AKUMA HELMETS in 2004. Once he found a factory in China that could produce the system at mass quantities that was it right? NO!!! This pioneer did more than give work to a factory, he joined them as a fellow worker to show them personally how the system was made. This is something they have never seen before which impressed them all. They appreciated him for that which has contributed to his wonderful success. A success that Harris believes will generate 3.5 million dollars for his seven employee empire that sells his helmets in Canada, Brazil, Spain and at your local motorcycle shop. You have to give it up to someone that gets up at 5:30am and doesn't stop till 11pm to do it all over again and manages to take care of his family and get in a ride on his R1. Please check out his cool military themed lids and other killer styles with more to offer than keeping you safe. AKUMA HELMETS WEBSITE



Original picture found at The National Archives Words by BLOG HOLDER

This picture was definitely from an era where a lot had happened... there was a war in another country abroad in Germany and the war with racism for black American soldiers in America or wherever idiotic U.S. white soldiers were. It seems that then our people made significant waves in the motorcycle culture through the military. In fact for most African-Americans it is in the military that many black soldiers learned how to ride and fix motorcycles to perform there duties. This picture is evidence of that.

It had to really be something for these young men to have heard of motorcycles but never see one upfront or to have watched whites in America ride motorcycles and now have the latest in motorcycles back then to just commute from base to base or perform duties with it. Now remember this is where many of the "BENNY HARDYS" got there start. Being exposed to the machines and being naturally gifted technically or mechanically inclined these budding geniuses got that chance to increase their knowledge and riding skill. This bunker is where strong, courageous and disciplined Motorcycle MPs were stationed to take watch over there brothers in more ways than one in a military since from enemies and racist bigot soldiers. I bet if we were to get the chance to talk to some of the Motor MPs they would have experiences and adventures because of the motorcycle.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Original pics from Ducati Words by BLOG HOLDER

The streetfighter here in America is taking off in popularity from features on "SUPERBIKES" with JASON BRITTON as well as documentaries, publications and websites. Now motorcycle manufactures are catching the news and making the effort to provide the streetfighter version of the motorcycles stock. Well one manufacture is really making people anxious and happy with their modern version of this 70's and 80's cafe' racer culture giant... The DUCATI 1098 STREETFIGHTER.


Original information from Speed TV & Cajamoto Words by BLOG HOLDER

When it comes to innovations this modern marvel is in a class by itself. The head designer, sculptor, founder and owner of CANJAMOTO, Richard Minott, has made an awesome work of art and a fine piece of revolutionary ingenuity. A motorcyclist since the age of 9 Richard has always been fascinated with motorcycles and even tried to build his own at the age of 11. Richard comes from a talented and artistic family which explains the natural genius he possess. With the help of his talented brother Garfield Minott (artist and sculptor), and Robert Lukasiewicz (painter/airbrush artist of Wooki Paints) they have created body kits and modified exhaust systems. They have been featured on television, publications and at numerous conventions, showcasing their genius work which always draws a gigantic crowd that can't stop touching the CANJAMOTO SCORPION motorcycle. Richard made his first kit for a BMW R1200S, and it was a hit. Now he is is making ripples in the motorcycle world by creating body kits for all makes. Richard's mission is simple and coming true as he states, "Our goal is to build a platform on which to bring to market a new brand of products. Our plan is to design the most exciting motorcycles our imagination will allow." Well Richard and Canjamoto we all wish you the best and you will see my bike with the kit on it as well... THAT'S MY PROMISE.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Original pics from various sites, words by BLOG HOLDER

Well well well... looky what we have here. For some of you this is old news, as far as the unveiling of the HONDA CBR 1000R XESS (eXtreme European Streetfighter Styling) motorcycle that was shown in Milan early this year as well as in Japan. BUT... and this is a big ol' but. THE BIKE IS NOT STOCK, meaning that it will not be released to the public in the streetfighter version. Honda had everyones mouth watering over... the possiblity of styling the new CBR 1000R to a streetfighter mod. Next time I would like them to do what DUCATI did with there stock streetfighter. Oh that's coming tomorrow, ride back to The Onyx Rider and I'll show you.


Original Pictures and Captions from LIFE MAGAZINE 1971

Black motorcyclist of the Big Circle Motorcycle Association sitting between a pair of Harley Davidson cruising bikes.

African American motorcycle enthusiast belonging to the Big Circle Motorcycle Association prepares to ride.

White rider preparing to race at a gathering of mostly black motorcycle enthusiasts belonging to the Big Circle Motorcycle Association.
Children of members of Big Circle Motorcycle Association.