Thursday, October 1, 2009

You Need To Know: SOUL ON BIKES (The story of Tobie Gene and The East Bay Dragons)

Original information from Soul On Bikes book. Words by Blog Holder. Pictures from The Selvedge Yard.

It's funny how small moments in time play a big part in the future. These events become so big later on in life that it becomes monumental which makes it... HISTORY. Some time ago in the fifties two men sat in a cafe having coffee together, just chatting before work started. One of them was Ralph "Sonny" Barger and the other was Tobie Gene. That's right during the industrial age Sonny Barger who would later become the founder and leader of the notorious, iconic biker gang HELL'S ANGELS M.C. and THEE Tobie Gene who would become the founder/president of the world famous, legendary, pioneering EAST BAY DRAGONS started out as just buddies drinking coffee before work. Exciting stories like this are found in the page turning book, "SOULS ON BIKES", which many people have discovered a culture they knew little of or nothing about. For those that never knew black bikers existed it is a reality check like no other especially the things that black bikers very rarely put up with and DID NOT tolerate during the most blatant of racist times from bigots. You even notice there were African-American motorcycle groups before them and how they were a blueprint for bike clubs we know today. While reading about the life of Tobie Gene and the East Bay Dragons of Oakland California you can't help but cheer, laugh and always wonder what will happen to this tough group of bikers. Read about historical moments that happen right in your face, not to mention the history made by the Dragons during the golden years of motorcycles and choppers in this great American story. There are connections you can't help but make between your past or that of your family's which is like connecting with distant family. This book will send chills up your spine and have you wanting get on a bike and ride till the wheels fall off. You also notice how these men lived life to the fullest and loved their families which breaks that awful stereotype of bikers. So whenever you get the chance to get your hands on this beautiful story, I guarantee you will not want to put this book down... it will take you on a wild ride with the bikers you're sure to love.