Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ride To Imagine-Nation: MALC (GTA IV: The Lost and The Damned)

Original information from the video game GTA IV: The Lost and Damned.  Words by blog holder.  Images from Youtube. Youtube video from Willzyyy.

The life of a tough guy is not an easy one... but it sure is fun.  Especially, when it's lived vicariously through the toughest legends around town. Those legends are the characters of the hit video game GTA (Grand Theft Auto).  One of my favorite characters is someone that could carry a whole game by themself if needed, just on his bike alone. That character is MALC from the GTA IV chapter of "The Lost and Damned."  Malcom a.k.a Malc is the leader of the Uptown Riders of Liberty City.  Being a member of this notorious motorcycle club, Malc does things that would make other hardened criminals faint from the pure excitement alone.  What makes MALC so cool is the "ride it like you stole it, no holds barred" lifestyle he lives on his bike and behind the trigger.  He is a risk taker that is always one step ahead of the competition.  Whether he is smuggling weapons, participating in illegal street races with bats to knockout the competition or fixing problems for other bad guys.  He always does with his own swagger that no one can copy.  Loyal to his crew and friends he is always there to no matter how hot the situation is.  It is because of this people dread messing with anyone associated with him knowing they are going to pay for it and pay dearly.  He also makes sure that the image of the his club is clean too by selling patented rider merchandise branded by his mototcycle club and selling videos of the crazy stunts him and the crew perform.

This video is from from GTA: IV (The Lost and Damned) Shifting Weight mission.

Malc's comes to light in the story when Jim, a member of The Lost M.C., comes to Malc to get explosives for a job that Jim, the main character, needs to eliminate rival bikers known as the Angels of Death.  Malc then gives Jim an opportunity to make money in illegal street races in his neck of the woods in North Wood.  As things start to heat up Malc is needed to help Jim carry out some heavy jobs for people that only he can do.  One things for sure if there is a bike in his posession... the unthinkable can and will happen.  His custom Double T is a bike to marvel at that looks like no other.  With a dragged out swing arm and one of a kind fairings its not hard to spot this sexy ride anywhere.  Cops know him all to well and avoid a chase if they can but if they are in great numbers they'll try to get the untouchable Malc. As Malc joins up with Jim they fend off crazy drug dealers and ride with their life in danger while dodging traffic and the biggest police chase ever seen.  Malc also helps Jim with getting a truck and its contents back while at a toll booth of all places where a shooting match takes place.  Malc shows just how surgical and percise he is with a gun.  After a they finish a couple jobs to perfection they then go back to their seperate groups and live the rider life.  Hopefully this game isn't the last we hear of Malc. 

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