Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ride to Imagine-Nation: RIDE TO HELL

Original information from RIDE TO HELL site, words by BLOG HOLDER

Well fellow riders and enthusiasts, this post is gonna be also for the gamers that like to stay up late till 2am or 3am trying to get that last mission on the video game complete to just get three or four hours of sleep before it's time to go to work... But some of you might be bold and just call out the next day just to stay home and play a video game. I know it sounds crazy but believe me there are many people out there that do that. namely me but I won't admit to it. ANYWAY, back to the post. DEEP SILVER which used to be ROCKSTAR VIENNA is putting out a console video game coming out this year of 2009 called RIDE TO HELL and it promises to be like it was in the 60's with the motorcycle culture when it first started. One thing that I'm impressed with is that the video could have showed any typical stereotypical 60's biker (white biker) and I would have said... "Hmmm, nice game." and that would be it. BUT THEY CHOOSE TO SHOWCASE A COOL BRUTHA ON CHOPPER IN THE DESERT WITH A BANGIN' AFRO'. Then I said, "YES, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT." All in all the game took the leap to show that bikers were bikers regardless of color back then like it's supposed to and in fact the lead biker on the trailer is a cool black man with two fellow white guys riding with him. Now before you start thinking it's about the brutha man, it's not... It follows a guy that has come back from the Vietnam war and has trouble getting back in society, but finds solace with others in a motorcycle gang called the DEVIL'S HAND M.C. This game promises NOT and repeat NOT for children or the faint of heart. It promises to have hard drinking and bare knuckle action like a real game is supposed to. So just imagine an EAST BAY DRAGON rider out for adventure. It will follow in the footsteps of it's predecessor of the GTA series which was created by the former entity ROCKSTAR. But if you look at the pictures and visit the RIDE TO HELL site you will see that the graphics are very High-quality and detailed. Well I'll give you more when I get it as for now this is just teaser information on a character with no name.... enjoy! Look at the YOUTUBE TESER TRAILER BELOW!!!

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