Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ride To Imagine-Nation: RAVEN (JET MOTO 3)

Original pictures from Youtube, Bio from various sites

The year was 1999 and I was SONY PLAYSTATION with 989 STUDIOS gave me something beautiful, JET MOTO 3. This game was the best thing I ever played at the time it was fast, crazy and demanded you concentrate on every move you made to get from start to finish. I would sit in front of the TV for hours learning the game and playing the game till I perfected it, but the thing that made it the best was a character that was too cool for words, RAVEN. This character was the coolest thing to have race for you. In fact when I looked online I found out that many gamers, regardless of color, loved RAVEN and thought of him as their favorite.

Now the bio of RAVEN is set in the future where HOVER-BIKES are the biggest attraction and the biggest sport is JET MOTO. The sport has been going on for awhile and now a young man known as RAVEN got his chance to play and dominate the sport. When he was young he wanted to always fly the hyper-jets for the armed forces but knew that more excitement could be had on a hover-bike. After long practicing and riding he honed his skill down to razor sharp perfection and daring moves such that he qualified to be one twelve that were good enough out of hundreds to ride the JET MOTO circuit. The circuit is so hard many have tried on died. Raven with a crew of two, a female mechanic and race advisor, took to the 14 tracks and dominated against hard and tricky competition with some that are known to cheat. After beating all of the tracks where he only needed to beat a few to collect a certain amount of points he became the JET MOTO CHAMPION conquering the semi-pro circuit and professional circuit... without losing one race. He even went against two legends Captain Ballad and a old woman named Granny to prove he was the best. And he even proved that he was good on a hover-bike by riding and beating the times required to complete the 3 stunt parks which was very hard.

Everyone please enjoy my favorite JET MOTO character... RAVEN!!!

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