Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back In The Day: 1920's RIDER

Original Picture from, words from BLOG HOLDER

This Picture was taken Circa 1920's and this young man is on a Indian Motorcycle which by today's standards is a classic you can't find too many of. I can imagine the looks he received while riding that beautiful machine and smoking a stogie with pride... which is a sign of a good rider. We know that many jealous onlookers would have made a useless scene about how they felt with him on his motorcycle and would have cried like a bunch of idiotic brats about not having anything. That's just how certain people were back in those days. Well some are still like that. It's wonderful to see how far back our history on motorcycles goes to the point it is now. Unfortunately no information was given on this shot but I would have loved to read his story.

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