Thursday, January 15, 2009

Onyx Innovator: STEVE KEHLER

Original information from 2 WHEEL TUNER magazine and SUPER STREET BIKE MAGAZINE website. Words by blog-holder.

Many people make great works of art but very few make history. When you look at the artistry Steve Kehler has done and the many honors he has received not only from his many admirers but from his COMPETITION, then you must be... UNDENIABLY-MARVELOUS!!! For Steve Kehler, fabricating motorcycles into hot machines is a testament of dedication of many years to something he loves and sport bikes have been that passion since the early 90's. After his custom creations hit the public, like other originators of sport bike customizing, his builds were an overnight success that catapulted his career to the forefront of bike building causing other motorcycle customizers to change to sport bikes because of the demand. So yes, him and a few others had changed the game. He is without a doubt one of the first pioneers of the every growing custom sport bike craze that doesn't show any signs of slowing down... So don't even ask about it stopping you would get a chance to.

Steve started out his sport bike empire step by successful step in salvage yards and auctions looking for bikes that had potential or parts that could be put together to make a bike not only for go but for serious show. After he started getting to big for his own personal garage he rented a friends garage out and then formed a corporation in 2000 when he made TRICKED OUT CUSTOM CYCLES official. It's been over 20 years that he has been making bikes for everyday clients, motorcycle legends and celebrities. TRICKED OUT CUSTOMS CYCLES is also a full functioning motorcycle shop that takes care of patrons needs and issues. Now beside being a super fabricator, he is also a great husband and dad of three. After he gets the kids off to school he gets even more busy answering calls and e-mails. When the logistics are complete HE TRICKS OUT!!! Steve makes it a point to get in the shop to work on something amongst his other 8 employees.

TRICKED OUT CUSTOM CYCLES is at the pinnacle of the sport bike world and has showed inspired future builders that are just kids right now but will hope to be just as creative and successful as the dominant figure that is TRICKED OUT CUSTOM CYCLES... STEVE KEHLER. Everyone please check out his website and look at his custom work on the media tab... You too will get inspired.

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