Saturday, December 20, 2008


Original information from footage and article from Moto GP & Riders for Health, Words by BLOG HOLDER

For so long many nurses had to walk over nine miles (15km) a day just to get medicine, condoms or medical information all over central Africa where villages are unfortunate to have paved roads or transportation. Then in a meant well effort UNICEF gave a medical operation run downed motorcycles to help and even save people. An effort that was not good enough. Soon Princess Ann of England received a generous donation from Ralph Mamola, a famous Moto GP racer of America, for aiding children with medical needs in Africa. When she received this knowing about motorcycles being an important tool on harsh African terrain, it didn't take her long to get the motorcycle expert involved to help out and that's he did in a huge way. With Andrea and Barry Coleman (co-founders of the organization) RIDERS FOR HEALTH organization made up of motorcycle riders and medical aid to take supplies from Nigeria to Zimbabwe. Riders for health has employed over 100's of black African men and women to train under a rigorous rider course and be trained in medical applications and knowledge. With the help of IAVM(International Academy of Vehicle Maintenance) they have helped RFH to maintain reliable zero break down transportation systems, RFH also have programs to educate the locals on simple medical knowledge and fix their vehicles.

Randy Mamola, Moto GP & Riders for Health Organizer
With the success of Riders For Health many countries in Africa ,starting with Gambia in 2002, have in trusted the organization's with all their medical transporting duties and help. Because of their impressive dependable record they are famous for providing service that never breaks down because of the expert training and maintenance provided to these riders. This caused many motorcycle manufacturers to help out as well like DUCATI (donating $40,000 EVERY YEAR) and Honda (giving RHF motorcycles and spare parts). The efforts has done very well in helping prevent the spread of AIDS, MALARIA and other common diseases and sickness. RFH has become so good at getting everywhere that they are the only means trusted to get medicine across the continent where 4 wheels aren't reliable or become too cumbersome. RHF riders have become quite ingenious in outfitting specific motorcycles with a side car that can carry patients around or pump water via a carriage attached to the back of the bike that's fitted with a hose too. It's called the multi-purpose Uhuru (Swahili for Freedom) Motorcycle which has saved many lives and produced lots of water for those that haven't the means. Riders For Health have done many great things and I wish them all the best. Visit their website to check out what's going on. I know I'm going to get a shirt and hat and donate, but that's me. But this is something you need to know. Thanks for checking out this special "YOU NEED TO KNOW" it was a pleasure and purpose in doing it just like the blog. RIDE ON!!!

Please look at the story of RIDERS FOR HEALTH

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