Monday, December 8, 2008


Original report and coverage by CNN's Betty Nguyen (SOUTH AFRICAN HARLEY FEVER)

The growing amount of true black South Africans is growing not only in status to middle class and above, but also in the tools of expression and interest. Sportbikes, cruisers and Harley Davidson motorcycles are the weapons of choice to be free on and astound others with just one twist of the throttle. The footage shows Athania Mothiba, a beautiful entrepenuer with her own beauty shop, cutting hair and styling clients to perfection and rewarding that hard work with an ultimate ride... on her Harley Davidson. Athania happens to be one of South Africa's FIRST black female riders of the 3,500 members that are part of H.O.G. (Harley. Owners. Group) Johannesburg Chapter #9686, South Africa. Besides having a free spirt Athania has a big heart, giving time to charity rides for breast cancer. As Athania puts it, "It's another lifestyle." A lifestyle that is showing an increasing number of women and blacks.
Athania at work and on her Harley with beautiful braids in the wind
As Anand Mudhan states, over 60 to 80 Harleys are sold every month in South Africa and as the riders pressence is noticed in encourages others to buy motorcycles as well and join other riders no matter the color or gender. It is good to see a passion for bikes be the common bond that brings people together.

Anand Mudhan (2003 member of H.O.G) & Fellow South African bikers

South African riders relaxing & Riding (Athania is in the middle in white and orange)

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