Sunday, December 14, 2008


Resources: Black Enterprise Magazine (Nov. 08 issue) Super Streebike & Akuma Helmets Words by BLOG HOLDER

5:30am every morning Kerry Harris gets up to perform his cool loving duty as dad and husband, helping his wife get the kids ready for school. Once the kids and wife are gone... Kerry goes into AKUMA MODE. This innovative genius has created cooling systems for Akuma Helmets, LED lights inside the helmet to help drivers really notice riders to help prevent any unnecessary accidents (not to mention look cool) and recently installed BLUETOOTH/MP3 functions... BUILT INTO THE HELMET. Imagine listening to music and you get a call... and being able to answer the phone and then listen to your MP3 player again where the music stopped. EVERYBODY, GET ONE... No seriously GET ONE.
Once Kerry answers e-mails from oversea suppliers, checks the Akuma website and Akuma myspace it's time to head out to the office which he gets to at 9am. That's a lot of work that's already done and he didn't even leave the house. But at one time at 9am in 2002 this once great U.S. Navy Pilot was stationed in where he started motorcycling to get around heavily congested traffic... in Japan. The cool thing was riding in the beautiful country, the bad thing was having to deal with the heat in his helmet fogging up his visor. It was that problem that gave this brilliant rider the idea to manufacture a coolant system that could be activated with the touch of button rather then lifting your visor up and down all the time. Once this was done and everyone heard of it word of mouth, people could not stop coming to get their helmets fitted with the system. So it didn't take Kerry long at all to put his intellect and hard work together to start making the coolant system and eventually sell his patent to helmet companies... thank goodness they turned him down. Then came the rise of AKUMA HELMETS in 2004. Once he found a factory in China that could produce the system at mass quantities that was it right? NO!!! This pioneer did more than give work to a factory, he joined them as a fellow worker to show them personally how the system was made. This is something they have never seen before which impressed them all. They appreciated him for that which has contributed to his wonderful success. A success that Harris believes will generate 3.5 million dollars for his seven employee empire that sells his helmets in Canada, Brazil, Spain and at your local motorcycle shop. You have to give it up to someone that gets up at 5:30am and doesn't stop till 11pm to do it all over again and manages to take care of his family and get in a ride on his R1. Please check out his cool military themed lids and other killer styles with more to offer than keeping you safe. AKUMA HELMETS WEBSITE


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