Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ride To Imagine-Nation: BISHOP

Words by Blog Holder

The character BISHOP is the best of the new age of Marvel heroes that was introduced in the early 90's. Bishop's introduction was so pivotal that it changed the whole direction of the X-MEN series and the rest of the Marvel world. For those that are not familiar with Bishop, Bishop is a mutant from the future that knows the the outcome of the X-MEN'S fate which is the death of all the X-MEN by an unknown traitor. As he brings his knowledge and superior special forces training as an ultimate one man army he fights along side with the X-Men not only to help them become better fighters but to be the key to saving humanity from a malevolent evil robot known as Onslaught. Before that even occurred Bishop has had many exciting adventures an he has shown not only his fighting skills but his motorcycle riding skills that have made many drop their jaws when they should be ducking down from plasma rays and gun fire. Onyx Rider viewers it is my pleasure, honor and duty to present my favorite superhero of all time... BISHOP!!!

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