Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ride To Imagine-Nation: JAKE JUSTICE

Original information from various sites and toy product box, words by BLOG HOLDER

In 1999 a cartoon and line of toys came out know as "RESCUE HEROES" they were professionals of various backgrounds in saving people put together to make the ultimate response team to handle global emergencies and harsh rescue operations. One of my favorite characters was JAKE JUSTICE, one of four African-American characters in the storyline. What the character Jake did was introduce a Motorcop (Motorcycle Police Officer) in a better light where we didn't make judgements about him like we do the ones in the real world in fact for me watching the show helped me respect some officers and gave them a better likeness to identify with because he was black. Even Jakes story was quite unique and inspiring... See for youself.

Jake Justice was a born rescuer, helping those in need as much as he could. He has always been a born motocyclist taking to them by helping and being in amazement of them while working at his uncles motorcycle repair shop. So when Jake choose his profession it was an easy one to become a Motorcop. While on duty a patoling the metropolitan area Jake received the call that a unstopple criminal was at large. He jumped on his police motorcycle and chased him down all while making sure people were safe . Finally he did the unthinkable, he caught the villian that no one thought could be caught. Because of his high level of skill on the motorcycle and quick wit he was the successful and the first recruit of the Rescue Heroes and has endlessly stopped crime with his high tech motorcycle and equipment.

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