Sunday, December 14, 2008


Original picture found at The National Archives Words by BLOG HOLDER

This picture was definitely from an era where a lot had happened... there was a war in another country abroad in Germany and the war with racism for black American soldiers in America or wherever idiotic U.S. white soldiers were. It seems that then our people made significant waves in the motorcycle culture through the military. In fact for most African-Americans it is in the military that many black soldiers learned how to ride and fix motorcycles to perform there duties. This picture is evidence of that.

It had to really be something for these young men to have heard of motorcycles but never see one upfront or to have watched whites in America ride motorcycles and now have the latest in motorcycles back then to just commute from base to base or perform duties with it. Now remember this is where many of the "BENNY HARDYS" got there start. Being exposed to the machines and being naturally gifted technically or mechanically inclined these budding geniuses got that chance to increase their knowledge and riding skill. This bunker is where strong, courageous and disciplined Motorcycle MPs were stationed to take watch over there brothers in more ways than one in a military since from enemies and racist bigot soldiers. I bet if we were to get the chance to talk to some of the Motor MPs they would have experiences and adventures because of the motorcycle.

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