Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bike of The Day: The $500,000 Gold-plated custom chopper

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Riders, bikers... Feast your eyes on this.

This is a pricey yet beautiful ride at a reasonable... (yeah right) price of $500,000. That's €386,987 Euros for our sisters and brothers overseas in other countries (didn't mean rhyme). This was displayed this past summer at the International Motorcycle show in Seattle. It's not mentioned who the designer is but whomever it is they are very talented and know how to design a head turner. If I could I would get one for myself, but if I could really afford it I would give one to my best-friend BROTHER BEAZER aka RIDER TY on his birthday... well I guess we'll just have to enjoy the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

That bike is crazy.... That is a bit too pricey for me, but it is nice to watch... Rider Ty says " Does thou tempt me????