Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Original picture is from THE CANDY SHOP "My Space site" Words by Blog Holder

When it comes to making a HARLEY DAVIDSON chopper or bagger look good you take it to somebody that does good work... But if you want people to follow you just to get a glimpse of what jaw dropping piece of work you have between you legs, people taking pictures of your bike whether you're there or not or police stopping you just to get a look at your bike and then let you go even though you broke the speed limit then you take it to BIG PUNCHIE, the artisan genius, behind the delectable delicious candy paint job at THE CANDY SHOP. This chopper is so fine that you just have to look at it not twice... but ten times just to pick up something you didn't see the other times you drooled over it. I can't wait to get more information on the Candy Shop and Big Punchie. I know that they have been featured on "AMERICAN THUNDER" which is a motorcycle enthusiast television show on SPEED network and their segments were beautiful about the Candy Shop. So, it gives me great pleasure in presenting the Candy Shop Chopper as Bike Of The Day.

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